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Я абсолютно тоже и написали. Особенно тем, кто находятся в СНГ. Об этом сигнализирует отсутствие русскоязычной версии сайта. Play Now on Casino, Poker and Slots. Его и заложили для нового проекта.

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Было бы гораздо хуже, если бы БК bet начала требовать подтвердить bet365 проблема, когда игрок заработал и вознамерился вывести bet365 проблемы. Oferta de ingreso para nuevos clientes. Она считает, что первой предложила более широкую линию ставок за счет второстепенных турниров и лиг. Bet on Racing and Sports. Нажмите для раскрытия Российская Федерация — неприоритетное направление.

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Apueste en Deportes. А все остальное будет под дичайшим сомнением, тем более если на операционном уровне Вашей учетной bet365 проблемы есть движения очевидной bet365 проблемы. By accessing, continuing to use or navigating throughout bet365 проблемы site you accept that we will use certain browser cookies to improve your customer experience with us..

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28 Replies to “Bet365 проблемы

  1. I had £50 on Santos to beat Jones at 7/1. I also had £50 on Smith to beat Jones at 5/1.

    Those are some of the longest odds you will get in a title fight, pure rollercoaster.

  2. Ah fuck yeah Dan!you saved me time googling people left and right,until I get bored and bet out of my ass

  3. I cant shake the feeling that Edgar will pull off the upset. His movement, cardio, wrestling and overall ability to mix things up is something that Max hasnt seen before. Frankie usually eats strikers up unless theyre aldo and have the best tdd ever

  4. now that youre doing this can you please keep records, percentage every week of picks!

  5. I had already planned to chuck a 10er on Horie by KO. Seen him on Fight Pass knocking fools out in Pancrase!

    Am also considering backing Edgar for a decision upset. Like you said going up in weight and coming back down only 3 months later after a real tough 5 round fight in which Max took a lot of hard shots. The more I think about it the more I convince myself that Edgars gonna do it!

    Love the War Room. Full of a lot of good info.

  6. I love this channel Dan but the intro sound is starting to get to me. Its really annoying that damn bass sound.

    1. Strongly dissagree.hits home if you into some electro/punk stuff.its fresh and its like half a second

  7. Any chance of a video on the gloves behind you or at least some of your favourites ?
    or am i the only one with a glove fetish lmao

    1. If you go into his Instagram and scroll way down, he discusses breaking in gloves and ones he liked. Then usually does a bag work video to show you.

  8. thank you so much for doing these videos! huge fan of yours here dan, loved seeing you at ufc liverpool! keep up the amazing work.

  9. for some reason i was watching while listening to The Rain by K-os and it was so fitting lol

  10. Be very careful gambling, it can get a hold quite quickly. Ive know families destroyed by it.

    1. So only do it if you know you can handle yourself and obviously only if you can miss the money, is what i can say.

  11. I literally was just talking to my friend about starting to put some bets on the underdogs. Thanks for this

  12. Nice concept Dan! Congratulations on the recent growth of your channel too…100K subs by the end of 2019 👊

    1. But to be fair three out of the four fights were pretty competitive.

  13. Keep smashing this content out reptiles, gna be the kings of youtube MMA in no time.

  14. Max only had 7 weeks to prepare for Dustin. I dont think he had enough time to grow into his frame. He didnt look especially muscled at 155 he just looked not as ripped. He usually blows up between camps anyways. I dont think this weight cut will be anything out of the ordinary.

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